Sloane Morgan Siegel

My name is Sloane Morgan Siegel. I was born 11/22/2000 in Washington DC, but have been raised in West Virginia. I’m not only a kid, a son, a brother, grandson, cousin, but a nephew and an uncle too. When I was only four years old, I was selected out of more than one thousand children to be a peer model. I was chosen to be the model for handicapped and retarded children and operated as their peer while supporting the teacher like a teacher’s aide. This was really hard work, but it was very rewarding to me as I learned how others who are not as fortunate as I think and act. I was able to see inside their hearts and minds.

This work made me a better person. So I can work with adults and kids alike. My parents and I have lived on a horse farm in Falling Waters, West Virginia where we rescue animals of all kinds like horses, dogs, cats and other farm creatures all my life till this past January. January we flew west to begin my screen career.
By anyone’s standards, this past eight months have been awesome and successful. I know my parents and I have worked hard and paid the price of success. Total count is 47 bookings during the last eight months. Over this time, I’ve worked on six Pilots. “Little in Common” (I’m a recurring co-star in the role of “Little Dennis”) being the most prestigious to date because of the network affiliation with Fox. Two for HBO that have already filmed, and three independents where one has filmed and the other two will film imminently. I’m Lead in two, co-star in two, and featured in two. Hopefully at least one of them will make it. I’ve completed six music videos, with arguably my most successful one with Warner Brothers/Duo films that was highlighted the entire month of August on VH1 where I was a co-star and got to dance with Ximena from Mexico. It was an awesome shoot and a great cast and a wonderful product I’m very proud of. All totaled, I’ve been in six music videos as a lead in four and a co-star in two. These don’t count the Adele spoof my family and I did on the Jay Leno show. Five commercials where I was lead in three and co-star in two. I have been in six feature films all in supporting roles. However, several of my short films are moving to features, and my roles are either lead or co-star, and several box office hopefuls are also communicating with us and my agents, so it is looking good to began working with some big names that I can certainly learn from and share the stage with. One webisode show (Kids React) as one of the leads that is incredibly successful with more than 1.5 million hits per week. I also completed one TV show (“Rock This”) guest starring role as part of a birthday party. Finally I’ve been in 22 short films with 14 leads and 8 co-starring roles. I’m ready for my next step in television, theatre or film. See you on the stage big or small no matter to me.

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